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  1. Can't believe the album hasn't leaked yet haha so excited to hear it in full!
  2. As someone who has ALWAYS adored Disturbed, despite many falling off after each album cycle progressed...I have to say, I'm not exactly feeling this one. There are almost no heavy songs at all. I LOVE their ballads/soft songs, but these weird radio rock x1,000 ones are underwhelming for me, personally. Lyrics/messages are great as usual, Draiman's definitely doing some new vocal styles and stuff on this album (to which some land better than others)...but honestly, this album isn't as special as I thought it'd be. Maybe it'll grow on me. Never thought I'd feel this way about a Disturbed album. Whelp still my favorite band, though. Was hoping for a much heavier album mixed with an occasional ballad to contrast. Instead, it's soft/hard rock with even softer ballads to...not really even provide much contrast at all. Oh well. All of this being said, my favorite tracks are certainly "A Reason to Fight', "Already Gone", and "Uninvited Guest (Bonus Track)".
  3. Always loved this vocalist when he was in Ready, Set, Fall. This is great!
  4. Kings of Nu Metalcore right here. Every song they create is gold!
  5. I've always liked these guys a lot, singles weren't the best quality for this album at first....and holy shittttt the end result was so worth the wait! Thought this would be good, but I didn't think it would be THIS good. Fucking awesome production on this bad boy was well...I swear the singles weren't such good quality but each one sounds crystal clear on the album version, so hell yes.
  6. "Harlot" was a sick single, gonna check this out!
  8. Absolutely fantastic. I’ve always loved them, but this...this is ATR in really fucking good form. Just like the good ‘ol days. :’)
  9. "Constant Silence" sounds like it could very easily be my favorite from what's shown in the preview. "Masquerade" is sounding sick as well. Also, I noticed from the iTunes link that they've released 3 other singles besides "Famine". I'd love it if anyone has a link to these or wants to upload them
  10. Holy shit this album sounds way more promising than I could've expected it'd be without Tommy. Sounds like a real solid effort right here. Stoked!
  11. Am I the only one that actually likes this album cover? lol