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  1. This record didn't disappoint. I don't get the hate. Gonna have this one on repeat for a while.
  2. Literally sounds nothing like either of those two legendary bands. This is a basically a pop punk band with gritty vocals.
  3. This is sooo good! Another great find thanks to kingdom leaks. Thanks!
  4. Vocalist sounds Jeremy from Touche. Music is pretty cool. Thanks for the upload.
  5. After a few listens through. I really really enjoy this record. Thanks again for the upload.
  6. I agree after another listen. But in doomsday and some other songs I hear it in the electronic elements and vocal effects. Still awful non the less.
  7. Really into this. Dude can sing. Thanks!!!
  8. This record is trash. I tried to give it a chance. I really did. But it sounds like bring me the horizon that's the spirit throwaways.The only decent thing about it is the catchy ahren singing parts. Fuck this is bad.
  9. This is rad! Thanks for the upload.