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  1. This is 54 seconds shorter than the actual album?
  2. Did ye produce this?
  3. Is his like the proper version, or is it taken from a stream? And is the tracklist messed up like KIDS SEE GHOSTS? NO MATTER WHAT, thank you!!
  4. I listened through the whole thing. It's not a SNoop Dogg album, it's more like Kendrick's role on the Black Panther Sountrack. A compilation.
  5. I wouldn't have a problem with this record if it didn't consist of 32 terrible tracks.
  6. Which is sad. Logic is so uninteresting.
  7. Perfect description, was gonna say the same
  8. Sounds inspired by Earl Sweatshirt, just not as good
  9. Adult Swim Singles Program 2012-13 cover?